Nature Happenings

  • Project FeederWatch continues,
  • In a heavy snow year, meadowlarks can be seen eating mealworms along with cracked corn.
  • Wildflowers might begin to bloom if snowfall is light. You might see Western Trillium, Bitteroot and Larkspur.
  • Meadowlarks can be heard singing.
  • Killdeer call for their mates and can show up in the most unlikely places seeking out suitable nesting sites.
  • Townsend's Solitare are often seen on their favorite food source ñ Juniper berries.
  • Male American Robins can often be heard before dawn defining their territory and calling for a mate. They are also the last birds calling in the evening.
  • Male Red-shafted Northern Flickers can be heard throughout the day defining their territory and showing off for potential mates.