Ft. Collins, Colorado

Happy New Year from your local Wild Birds Unlimited!

Our New Year's Resolution is to continue our commitment to connect people with nature and wild birds while helping in any way possible with conservation efforts related to birds and wildlife.  

Lauren came upon an article in the December 2016 issue of National Parks Magazine about a project sponsored by the Teton Raptor Center.  Truth be told, since reading the article it's been difficult not to think about this project and how we might be able to make a difference in Northern Colorado!


Teton Raptor Center

It's called The Poo Poo Project!  It seems like a funny name but came from the Port-O-Potty Owl Project.  Bottom line, there are 1,000's of vault toilets in our National, State, County and City Parks and Federal BLM lands.  These toilets feature 12" vertical ventilation pipes that mimic the natural cavities preferred by various bird species for nesting and roosting.  Once a bird enters a ventilation pipe and is inside the vault toilet, they are entrapped and succumb to starvation or disease.  Truly a terrible end and one that is completely avoidable.  

WARNING! It's not easy to see this photo of a Boreal Owl trapped in a vault toilet.  He was rescued but only after someone became aware that he had fallen into the vault. This could have been avoided with a vent screen.

Boreal Owl in Trapped in a Vault Toilet 

Photo Courtesy of Joe Foust USDA Forest Service, Boise National Forest, ID


Boreal Owl in Trapped in a Vault Toilet  Photo Courtesy of Joe Foust USDA Forest Service, Boise National Forest, ID


Wild Birds Unlimited in Fort Collins is committed to becoming an active Poo Poo Partner and work to fit as many vault toilets as possible in Northern Colorado with vent covers to keep owls and small birds from this fate.


CLICK HERE for all of the information on the Poo Poo Project and how you support the cause or sponsor a vent cover for installation.