ALL upcoming meetings and events will be held via Zoom Meeting. Spring 2021 Bird Hikes have all been postponed until further notice.

Birders enjoying a Bird Hike

ALL upcoming meetings, hikes and events have been re-imagined for 2021.

The Fort Collins Audubon Society is an amazing local resource of bird and nature lovers that have a monthly calendar of bird hikes and other events.  We would invite anyone interested in getting out into nature and learning more about the birds that are in the area, to join the FCAS on these hikes and support them as members.

FCAS Hosts

Whitney Cranshaw, Emeritus Professor of Entomology, CSU

Presenting: “Army Cutworm—Colorado’s Migrant ‘Miller’ Moth”
Thursday, April 8 - Announcements: 7 p.m.; Program 7:20 p.m.
See the attached newsletter for more details.

***This will be an online meeting using Zoom***
Enter the following link on your web browser at or before 7 p.m. and follow the instructions to join the meeting:


Annual migrations of some kinds of North American butterflies and dragonflies (as well as birds) are well known and often highly popularized.  However, perhaps one of the most interesting migration stories in North America involves the Army Cutworm with its low elevation/high elevation migration cycle that occurs entirely within the borders of the United States, and is most clearly evident in eastern Colorado. The focus of the April 8 discussion will be this rather notorious “Miller Moth.”

Whitney Cranshaw will explore the life history and habits of this insect and the various impacts it has on ecology and human interests.  Whitney Cranshaw is an emeritus professor of entomology aCSU, following retirement in July 2020.  During his 37 years at CSU, he primarily worked on issues related to the better understanding and management of insects that affected horticultural plants in the state.  Zoom in with us on April 8 to learn about the Army Cutworm.


Field Trips Cancelled for the Foreseeable Future

The mission of the FCAS is to promote the appreciation, conservation, and restoration of ecosystems. Foremost, in that mission is education. The educational events that we participate in throughout the year cannot take place without the time and expertise of the chapter members. 

We will reassess in December for 2021 field trips, and post updates on our website and January 2021 newsletter. Thank you for your patience and support.  We want to hear from you about any concerns, and encourage you to both practice social distancing and to spend time in nature to relieve stress and anxiety.  For field trip ideas on your own, we recommend you go to our Field Trip page and toggle the calendar to earlier dates and check our local birding list Some of my favorite fall birding locations you can try on your own include Tinmath Reservoir, Bobcat Ridge Natural Area, Fossil Creek Reservoir, Douglas Reservoir, McMurry Natural Area, and the Environmental Learning Center.